Life on the Road

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Things are going well on the trip home. Currently in Seville, Spain. At this point, we´ve seen too much to write about and we´ve been having trouble loading pictures onto picasa, so be patient.

Fortunately, Jeremy already wrote up some stuff about our 3 weeks in Tunisia. You can also see his pictures.

Go here first.

Then, mosey here.

Still with us? Go here.

Until next time.


First of the Videos

I present my villagers saying goodbye to me and saying hello to all of my friends and family back home.

This is Illa, he was my landlord and neighbor. The setting is just outside of my house. I spent a lot of time with his family. In the background is Chaibou (next to the cart) and Moubarak (the little one to the left).

I'm hoping I'll get a few more of these up before I hit the road. So far this is the shortest of them and therefore the easiest to upload. One hour of uploading for a 6 second video. C'est la vie au Niger.

I can't promise I'll transcribe them all, but this one is short.

Illa: A gaida guida. Greet your family.


Haven't Posted in a While

From Giraffes!

Thanks to everyone who has reminded me that I haven't posted in a while. I'm currently in Niamey and I'm working on all the paperwork that I have to complete before I leave Niger. There is quite a lot of reports that Peace Corps requires and it's a bit difficult to concentrate in front of a computer when you spent most of your time in the bush. My eyes are getting tired.

I'm out of here in a week and I'll try to get a few more posts up before I leave.

Until then check out these pictures if you haven't seen them on facebook already.




So much to say, so many comparisons. I don't know where to start.

Since I'm on vacation, I'm not gonna write too much on here.

But, I did want to let you know that my friend Jeremy has internet at his post now and he's been working on a "Week in the Life of...". He's in a city post and thought people would be interested in reading something a little different.

Start here (day 1)

Then go here (day 2)

Then here (day 3)

Then go to his blog and check back.

Hope y'all enjoy.



From Kokowa - Traditional Wrestling

I'm going home to America for 3 weeks. I must admit that I frightened. It will be the first time I have left Africa since I arrived in July of 2007. Wow!

I haven't really decided what all I'll be doing (or more importantly eating) but these things will come together.

The past few weeks have been great. We've finished yet another draft on the proposal that the mayor's office is writing for grain banks. I feel really great about this project because I'm not actually writing the proposal. I wanted to teach them how to do it and so far it's going slow, but it's going. As they say here, "sannu sannu, ba ta hana zuwa". Going slowly doesn't prevent one from going.

Things are still going well with the student governments, but nothing major to report.

Ryan, Tim, and I did a radio show in Maradi last week. It was my first time to do a radio show in Maradi and the radio station there is really nice.

More to come soon. Check out these other photos. Sorry didn't have time to sort them properly and add captions, but coming soon... hopefully.


Traditional Wrestling - Kokowa